Wow, that was a lot of fun!

My wife and I returned home from our Central American cruise on Tuesday and are trying to adjust back to our normal life. We had a fantastic time and I will try and post many stories and photos here, once I catch up with work, etc...
In the meantime, enjoy this zip-line canopy tour from Corcovado, Costa Rica.


Barbara said...

Great video, Ben! I did a zip-line many years ago in a St. Lucia rain forest and I'll never forget the rush of flying into all that "green"!

Did you both do it? My husband wouldn't but was happily waiting for me at the bottom and was even happier when that particular tour was over! :)

Thanks for the memories and glad to hear you had a great time. Sleep in this weekend (is that ever possible with young children)! ;)

Kevin said...


Time flys when your having fun!

Killer video looking foward to some pics.

Welcome Back.


EcoTravelTV said...

Are you sure the zipline think is actually in the Corcovado?? that will surprise me since Corcovado is a National Park and they will not allow anybody to build a zipline in it :-))

Ben Lizdas said...

No, the Zipline wasn't in the park itself. The outfitter was called Corcovado Zipline Tours because they boarder the park (or so I was told).