Some recent birding trips

I'm just settling in from a few trips to birding events in Alaska and Texas. Below are a few images I managed to digiscope while on the road.Harlequin Duck near Ninilchick, AK.

Indigo Bunting at South Padre Island, TX.

Scarlet Tanager, High Island, TX.
It was a pretty face paced trip jumping from one end of the country to another. A bit of exciting news is that the Eagle Optics sponsored team (the Groovie Billed Anis) won the Big Sit Tournament of the Great Texas Birding Classic this year. We managed to see/hear 145 species in 24 hours at the convention center at South Padre Island.
I did miss the one Black-billed Cuckoo that was seen that day and also manged to miss out on Aleutian Tern and Black-backed Woodpecker while in Alaska. Still sitting at 598 birds right now, though I have a date with a Kirtland's Warbler later this week. I'll keep y'all posted on those developments later.

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