I'm A Winner!

Last spring, the sport optics division of Pentax was running a contest/drawing for all of their binocular dealers and customers purchasing certain models of their products. The grand prize for this Sail Away promotion was a trip for two to Costa Rica and Panama. I was randomly selected among all the nationwide entrants as the grand prize winner of this contest and will be flying to Costa Rica with my wife tomorrow afternoon! We are excited, to say the least.
If you are curious, here is a description of our cruise.

Though there won't be much going on here at 600 birds for the time being, I'll be sure to have lots of stories photos to share when I return mid-November.
Quetzel image courtesey of Jeff Bouton
Hopefully we'll be able to see a few of these on the trip.


Barbara said...

Wow Ben, that is WONDERFUL! You and your wife must feel so elated - what an awesome trip to go on....for FREE!!!

I used to live in WI. so I know what the weather is like...you guys are probably due for snow about now. Oh well, you won't notice - you'll be basking in the tropical sun!

Enjoy every minute of it and I hope you can add some birds to your life list!

Lydia said...

Congrats! Ben
What a great trip. I look forward to seeing some great pictures and reading some great stories of your adventure when you get back.

Amy said...


Christopher said...

That is fantastic - congratulations!!! Looking forward to those reports and pics when you return!

Diana Sudyka said...

That's fantastic! Congrats (she says with seething jealousy)!

Kevin said...


You shure Jeff Bountan didn"t fix the contest as putting all Ben Lizdas names in the Fish bowl
for the drawing?

Just Kidding pal have a wonderful time with your wife congrats.

Takecare Kev