Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival

Above is a picture of the Homer spit taken from the hills above Homer Alaska. The spit is a 1.5 mile peninsula of land that juts out into the Kachemak Bay. I'm writing this blog from the very tip of that spit, at a place called Land's End. Here on the spit, there is a Bald Eagle or two on almost every lamp post, Halibut fishing is king, and this time of year, the shorebirds are coming in thickly. It's a great place to host a birding festival.
While not a regular visitor to this part of Alaska, these Emperor Geese were a delightful surprise to find at one of the local birding hot-spots, Beluga Slough.
Even though it's not a shorebird, these geese will be a highlight of the festival for many of the participants, as well as a new species to add to their bird checklists, mine included.

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