If you love snow, it looks to be another fantastic winter here in the Madison area. If not, you have my condolences. Personally, I've already been out x-country skiing a few times and am looking forward to many more moonlight skis this week.

This is what it looks like right now outside of the window next to my desk. Lots of snow and not much else. School has been canceled and people are staying home today to enjoy this beautiful spectacle. So far we've got 7" on the ground with 3-5" more before the end of the afternoon.

My daughters have already spent the entire morning exploring the snow-covered backyard with our dog. I'm sure my wife will have them all warmed up and well rested by the time I get home. I expect we'll do some sledding tonight at the local hill and maybe after bedtime I'll have a chance to suit up and go skiing. I think we will all sleep well tonight after a full day of fun in the snow.

The real efficient laborer will be found not to crowd his day with work, but will saunter to his task surrounded by a wide halo of ease and leisure.

-Henry David Thoreau


just sarah. said...

I have to say I love the snow & always have, but enjoying it with the kids only makes it better -- your picture of Esme made me think of it. I LOVE sledding with Aldo & can't wait to get Aldo skiing with me!

Ben Lizdas said...

Skiing is the next big hurdle. Sledding just requires a bit of gravity and an adventurous spirit. Skiing is going to be a tougher one for the girls as it will require grace and coordinatoion to some extent. If they have the patience to get the hang of it though, it will be well worth the effort!

Barbara said...

Hey Ben, LOVE the photo of your daughter - cherish those days, they go by sooo fast (my youngest "baby" is now almost 15 and is probably not going to want to sled with mom this winter!).

I am visiting WI very soon and was hoping NOT to have to pack boots and heavy snow gear.....grr....guess that shoots the idea of carry-on luggage only (we were just 60 degrees yesterday in the state of MA)!

Skiing? Well, your children might suprise you - all three of mine picked it up within a couple weeks when they were around age 5 and quickly left my husband and I to eat their dust - they had to wait for US at the bottom of the hill!

PS If that could be all melted by next week I would appreciate it...can't you people do that over at EO?! :D

just sarah. said...

It's great that you mentioned Christine is a knitter. To be honest, the second thing I thought of when I read this blog was, "I wonder if Christine made Esme's hat?" The first thing to come to mind was, of course, Esme is a major doll!