Flipping through images and hitting the road....

I've been going through my hard drive and I found these images that hadn't been posted anywhere yet, so here they are!

Next week I will be going to a bird blogging event hosted by Swarovski Optik in Rhode Island. This is going to mark the beginning of my fall travel season. I will be running around the country in a manner not unlike that of the Ruddy Turnstone pictured below.

Between now and December I will be traveling to the following birding hot spots:
  • Sierra Vista, Arizona
  • Watsonville, California
  • Rockport, Texas
  • Jekyll Island, GA
  • Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Costa Rica/Panama (this one is for fun, not work!)
  • Socorro, NM


Mike McDowell said...

Great photos!

Mike M.

corey said...

dude, that is one GINORMOUS shorebird!

I fear for my life should I ever try to spot it...