Wedding Bells in Boulder

Tim is a long-time friend of mine who I have known for over 18 years. He's a writer, teacher, and artist working on an MFA at the university in Boulder, CO. Last weekend he got married.
Roger is Tim's friend who I met for the first time in Boulder. He was my roommate while I was in town for the wedding. Roger is a fan of punk music and Robert Crumb. We got on well from the start.
To pass the time before Tim's wedding, we played Frisbee Golf in various non-sanctioned public places around downtown Boulder. The greenhouse pictured above was hit no more than 3 times by errant discs. We did our best to be courteous to those who we shared the space with.
Pedestrian coming.
Coast is clear.
This was an environmentally friendly event. To reduce our carbon footprint, we used public transportation to get to the wedding.

Everyone had a good time...
...and at the end of they day, my friends were married.
Congrats Tim and Dana!

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