South Padre Big Sit

For those of you new to the concept of a Big Sit, I recommend watching the following quick and informative video:

Right now, in addition to blogging, I am big sitting! It's 5:51 in the morning here on South Padre Island and The Groovy Billed Anis have recorded 25 species thus far. Who are the Groovy Billed Anis??? That would be the all-star birding team sponsored by Eagle Optics and Birdwatchers Digest that is competing in this years Great Texas Birding Classic. Team members include myself, Jeff and Liz Gordon, Terry and Marci Fuller, and Bill Thompson III.

Bill, Jeff, and Liz have been here at the South Padre Island Convention Center, where we are headquartered, since approximately 2 A.M. Currently, our birding is limited to species we can hear, hence I can blog and bird at the same time.....

I'm hoping to update 600 Birds with pictures and tales of our Big Sit throughout the day. Stay tuned for more riveting action, Live from the South Padre Island Convention Center!

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