So I guess this would be the first post of my blog. Welcome fans and readers! Why blog??? Well I guess I was encouraged by my colleague, friend, and blog mentor Mike McDowell who convinced me that the things I do and the places I travel may be of interest to others.
Thanks Mike! (pictured below)

As I travel I'm often birding and digiscoping. 600 Birds, the name of this blog, is a reference to the challenge I have placed before myself of having seen and identified my 600th bird species in the US by January of 2010. As of this posting, I've got 67 species to go. Those next 67 birds will be elusive, though with help from some friends, I'm certain that I'll get there.


Anonymous said...

533 birds is notable. a must on any list of 600 birds would have to be the elusive piliated long snout pelican heron of the upper south mid region, slightly to the left. good luck!!!!

a rising bird watcher watcher

Mel said...

Welcome to blogland! GOOD LUCK! ;)

Anonymous said...

My wife and I met you a year ago ago in Chicago at the North Park Village Nature Center. You were very knowledgeable and helpful.

We look forward to reading your blog.